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About me: Savchenko Oleksandr

HOBBY: Collecting mini bottles of alcohol, fishing

PROJECTS1993-1997 – The company «U.P.A. limited »Production of sparkling wine at the production facilities of the Kiev factory of sparkling wines 1999 – 2008 -Kyiv Distillery STOLICHNIY STANDARD

VISIT CARD: TM “СТОЛИЧНЫЙ СТАНДАРТ”, “КАЗЁНКА”, TM “GRAN SPUMANTE” : Dolce, Moscato и Quve; «Советское Искристое» and «Украинское Искристое»

Kyiv Distillery HISTORY “Kyiv Distillery – the historical name of” State Wine Warehouse №1 »- was founded in 1896. Its construction was due to the introduction in 1894, the fourth of official (state) monopoly on the sale of the population of beverages, to indicate that in those times often. uses the term “wine products”. The date of involvement in this large-scale event 10 southern and south-west (with the Kiev) provinces of the king’s government was determined 1 July 1896. since the end of the XIX century Kiev vodka decorated table top officials Rosiyskoy Empire. In Soviet times, proud of Ukraine was vodka «Древнекиевская», and after independence -. «Княжий Келых» Since 2003, the hallmark of the plant is a trademark of “Capital standard” the same name products are exported to Russia, Germany, Greece, the UK and other countries special enterprise pride.. – delivery in 2003 of its products the House of Lords of Great Britain.

In 2001 TM “КАЗЁНКА” and in October it was put into production has been developed. rare photos in the photo archive have been found. Subjects were taken from three generations – grandparents (30-40 years), fathers (50-60 years) and the children (70-80 years). “КАЗЁНКА” become generalizing mark of quality vodka brands of the Soviet period. In a word, “not Palenque and КАЗЁНКА”. For the younger generation in advertising messages was introduced the theme of romance and heroism, it used the slogan “There’s always a place to a feat!”. “КАЗЁНКА” – vodka for real men.